Episode 1
The bike came to halt in front of Feyi’s house and she alighted. The street was eerily dark, save for the light from the bike’s headlamp that punctured the darkness ahead.
She rummaged her bag for a few seconds, using her phone light for illumination before handing a note to the rider who collected it gratefully and zoomed off.
She made her way through the black gate that led to her shared apartment and was greeted with the noisy sounds of various kinds of generators, including hers.

Activities had ceased in the compound and most of her neighbours were indoors except the young Yoruba couple who made it a point of duty to eat dinner outside their apartment every night.

Feyi considered it romantic, but her roommate, Liz, argued that it was village lifestyle running through their veins.
The couple giggled and conversed in low tones while eating. Feyi mumbled a word of greeting as she breezed past them without waiting for a response. Fatigue gnawed at her joints and all she needed at that moment was the warm feel of her bed.

The sweet familiar aroma of Jollof rice hit her nostrils as she stepped inside the self-contained apartment she shared with Liz, her coursemate from University days. Destiny brought them together after three years when they ran into each other at a real estate agency in Ikeja in search of a comfortable, yet affordable apartment.

After they exchanged the customary excited greetings and realized that they shared the same need, they decided to combine resources to share an apartment.
Three weeks later, they became roommates.

“Liz, I’m back.” Feyi called out.
She dumped her bag on the floor and fell like a log of wood on the bed.

Liz emerged from the kitchen and saw Feyi in her usual tired state.
“Mummy banker, how was work? Hope customers did not shout at you today?”

Feyi turned to look at her friend with a sarcastic frown. “Na you know. When will the food be ready ehn?”
“Huh? I didn’t cook for you o! I felt you would eat out because today is Friday.” Liz replied.
Feyi sat upright and glared at her friend in horror.
“I was just kidding! Relax. See as you dey shine your eyes like frog because of food. shioor”
Feyi relaxed on the bed. “No dey play that kind rough play with me abeg. Traffic was mad and my stomach is protesting its emptiness right now, please.”
Liz cackled and returned to the kitchen.

Few minutes later, they were seated on the floor, munching their food.

“Have you heard from Tope yet?” Liz quizzed, breaking the silence between them.
Feyi dropped her spoon and exhaled. She reached for the sachet water before her and gulped some of it.
“No, I haven’t.” She replied, dropping the water in the tray. “He’s active online though, posting updates and acting like there is nothing wrong.”
“Did you reach out to him?”

Feyi scoffed. “Why will I reach out to someone that broke up with me over the phone? He views my Whatsapp status and has not said anything since the breakup.”

“That guy has moved on.” Liz stated brusquely.

Feyi turned to look at her and their gazes locked.

“You should move on too.” Liz added.

Feyi shook her head slowly and closed her eyes. “You don’t understand, Liz. He might come around and—”
“What is there not to understand?” Liz snapped. “Tell me! That he couldn’t handle the thought that you are a successful banker who is earning more than he is? Admit it, the guy is intimidated by your success but he couldn’t bring himself to say it because he is a coward.”

“Liz please—”
“No, don’t Liz me abeg! Because he is coward, he broke up under the guise of ‘we need to take a break’! And it is that break the will kill him laslas.”
Feyi exhaled sharply. “Common, stop cursing!”

“Babe, look at you! The donkey has moved on but you are still pining for him. Have you informed your pastor? After all, he said Tope was your destined husband.”
“No, I haven’t. I don’t want to break the news yet. Tope can still come around and change his mind. I’m sure he’s just confused or going through some stuffs right now.”

“You need to hear yourself, Feyi. You sound like a defeated woman because of someone that doesn’t understand what your worth. Anyways, it’s your call. But I won’t stop driving sense into that your coconut head till you finally get the point.”
Feyi picked her empty plate and stood up “I appreciate your concern, babe. I will be fine.”

“You better be, because I need you in a happy mood for the party we are attending tomorrow evening.”
Feyi stopped at the kitchen entrance and looked back. “Which party again?”

“You better stop forming amnesia. We are attending Juwon’s birthday bash at Club 95 tomorrow by 8 p.m., and you are going.”
“Why would I want to?”

Liz rose up and walked towards Feyi with her plate in hand. “Because… there will be cute and rich men at the party looking for a beautiful and intelligent lady like you to date. Okay?”

Feyi hesitated. “But I can’t…”
“Oh spare me the excuses! We are going and I have bought the perfect dress for you.” Liz interrupted and walked into the kitchen, leaving her friend rooted to the spot.

Later that night, Feyi glared at the ceiling while her friend snored softly beside her.
She couldn’t tell her friend that Tope owed her 300k that she lent him based on trust. The thought of the break-up text left a bitter taste in her mouth and a lone tear rolled down her right cheek.

Distressed woman in bed

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The Journey Begins

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